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Upper Eden Rotary Club in Ankoma

Supporting Ankoma In Ghana
An Enterprise initiated by the Rotary Club of Upper Eden

In 2015 and again in 2016 the Upper Eden Rotary Club provided aid direct to a remote village called Ankoma in the Kwahu District in Ghana. Ankoma is in a rural location, a 5 hour drive to the North of the Capital Accra. Initial involvement included delivering goods that included medical supplies, stationery and simple but well-received items such as tooth brushes. Carl Hallam and Roger Frank visited Ankoma in October 2015 to identify further worthwhile projects and more support followed.

2016. Construction of Toilet Blocks

The construction of 2 school toilet blocks in Ankoma and a further block in Abisu No.2 were adopted as worthwhile International Projects for the Club. Fund raising for the project came via the Yomp 2016 International Giving with project funds (£1500 Upper Eden, £1500 Appleby and £1500 District Grant) being forwarded to Ghana shortly after the start of this Rotary year.

Download Final Report (pdf)

Chinese cement was delivered for construction of toilet blocks. This is the largest cost in the project due to the 5 hour delivery time from Accra.

ankoma unloading aid

Block production using locally sourced sand and a steel mould. Curing time is short in the climate.

ankoma digging foundations of toilet block

Corrugated iron roofs for toilet blocks arrive and lower chambers are dug out.

ankoma unloading toilet roof

Groundwork at the various sites.

ankoma building materials ankoma building toilets

The underground tanks were rendered to make them water-tight.

ankoma toilets in construction

Site layout with blocks stacked for construction of the walls.

ankoma toilet block site

Wall construction underway.

ankoma toilet block part built

Completed toilet block with water tank in place.

ankoma toilet block completed

Completed toilet block – a shady place out of the mid day sun.

ankoma toilet block

The Schools and villagers are highly delighted with the units with the pupils taught the importance of hygiene.  2500 bars of soap have been provided courtesy of an Eden Valley soap manufacturer

wash your hands sign

2015. Provision of Medical Supplies and Stationery

A crate of goods was dispatched to the village containing soap, pencils, clothes, medical and school equipment and 2 Upper Eden Members (Roger Frank and Carl Hallam) were scheduled to make a 2 week visit in October 2015 to help distribute the goods and provide basic training at the rudimental Health centre and see in what ways we could possibly assist the village.

ankoma ghana toothbrushes handed out

The contact was initially made following a VSO visit (the scheme no longer operates) by a grand daughter of a Past President of the Club and her boyfriend. The two of them have set up Ankoma Outreach a not-for-profit organisation to support the small village and have recently moved out to Ghana. The aim of the Ankoma Outreach team is to help the people of Ankoma fight the poverty they face and to come out smiling at the other side.

goods dispatched to ankoma ghana blood pressure cuff in use ruler and pencils handed out

Children at COINS School celebrating after we donated a water barrel along with many stationary items from KSGS. Also a very happy Ruth after we gave her school books so she can now catch up with her education as she has the equipment to do so.

aid delivered to ankoma ghana child with books

Children at COINS School enjoying working out their new calculators

children with calculators calculators in ankoma ghana

Some of the local children excited for a Big Bath after receiving a block of Cumbria soap each. 2,500 bars of soap were most generously donated by Out of Eden who are based in Kirkby Stephen.

soap delivered to ankoma ghana child with soap in ankoma ghana children with soap in ankoma ghana more children with soap in ankoma ghana

Medical goods (gloves and dressings) that we sent out being received in the basic clinic.

girl with supplies in ankoma ghana child with aid delivered to ankoma ghana child with aid in ankoma ghana