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upper eden rotary club shelterbox

The problem - Disaster Victims

As disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, wars and volcanoes strike around the world people are left bereaved, homeless and penniless. These victims urgently need help.

Rotary Solution - Shelterbox

In 2000, the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizarda, Cornwall, set up Shelterbox, a charity that provides emergency accommodation and survival equipment to disaster victims worldwide. Aid is delivered in the form of a ShelterBox that contains a 10-person tent and survival aids to help a family of 10 survive for at least six months.


Rotary clubs around the world now support Helston-Lizarda Rotary Club. By 2007 the Rotary movement had donated in excess of £7million to the project. Over 500,000 disaster victims in 33 countries have been helped by the charity since it was established. For more details click here.

Contributions from Rotary Club of Upper Eden

2018 - 3 boxes financed.

2017 - 2 boxes financed.

2016 - 1 box financed.

2013 - 2 boxes deployed to Syria.

2012 - 3 boxes deployed to DPR Korea

2011 - 3 boxes deployed to the Republic of Congo

2010 - 2 boxes deployed to Colombia

2009 - 84 boxes financed by the Cross Fell Challenge organised in association with Appleby Rotary Club. Taiwan 52 boxes. China 32 boxes

2008 - 1 box deployed to Haiti

2007 - 1 box deployed to Kathmandu, Nepal

2005 - 1 box deployed to Islamabad, Pakistan

2003 - 1 box deployed to Algeria