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2011 diary of upper eden rotary club

The year of President Bill Barr (2011-12)
Diary July 2011 - July 2012

1 July 2011. Upper Eden Rotary Club Change-Over Night

This year our annual change-over night was held at the Bay Horse at Winton. Outgoing president John Andrew gave an address summarizing his year as president and expressed his thanks to all club members for their unwavering support during his year of office. He then handed over the chain of office to incoming president Bill Barr conveying his best wishes for another successful year for the Rotary Club of Upper Eden.

Upper Eden Rotary Club Change-Over Night Upper Eden Rotary Club Change-Over Night Upper Eden Rotary Club Change-Over Night Upper Eden Rotary Club Change-Over Night

5 July 2011. Teaching with a Difference. Ruth Webster

Richard Todd introduced Ruth Webster, our speaker for the evening. Ruth is the stand-in head teacher at Ravenstonedale Primary school where Richard and John Houston are Governors. The current head teacher, Jan Tringham, is taking a year out teaching in Ethiopia. In 1997/8 Ruth and her husband David were in Papau, New Guinea where she was teaching 400 children in a boarding school close to the coast. Ruth is a qualified teacher and her skills were in great demand, but her husband is a farmer and there was no requirement for his expertise, but fortunately everything worked out well. It was a whole new experience for Ruth from teaching in the UK, for example: (1) It was a fee paying school and fees were only paid after the coffee harvest was completed. (2) Language – there were approximately 700 different dialects spoken on the island, so English was used in school, or a version of it. (3) The diet for the children was very healthy, being close to the coast was mainly fish. (4) The witch doctor still has an influence in daily life. (5) The children are very good at sports especially javelin throwing due to throwing spears at animals for food. There was a close link to Rotary on the island where there existed a scheme entitled “Save water Save lives” where there was a regular supply of clean running water helping to reduce the risk of polio. She finished off by informing us that she certainly enjoyed her time in Papua and she and David would love to return to the island one day. We all thanked Ruth for a very interesting and varied talk.

26 July 2011. Annual Clay Pigeon Shoot, Quoits and BBQ evening at Flitholme

Once again Fred and Judith Hayllar kindly hosted our annual clay pigeon shoot. The event was attended by members, partners, guests and Rotary members from Appleby and Wensleydale Clubs. It was a fine evening, much better than the cold and wet of 2010, even the midges did not come out till later !!! A close-won contest at the Clay Pigeon shoot saw John Taylor from Appleby win the coveted bottle of whisky (not that we saw the top come off !!!) and Fred Hayllar won the Quoits. We had two gorillas (sorry grillers), namely Ray Thornton and John Begg who did an excellent job barbequing the food. Judith and her lovely army of wives prepared an excellent spread to accompany the sausages, burgers, bacon and black pudding followed by strawberries and ice cream. Ivor Allonby gave a vote of thanks and a bouquet of flowers was presented to Judith. A great evening.

Annual Clay Pigeon Shoot, Quoits and BBQ evening at Flitholme Annual Clay Pigeon Shoot, Quoits and BBQ evening at Flitholme Annual Clay Pigeon Shoot, Quoits and BBQ evening at Flitholme

1 August 2011. Vision Aid Overseas

A further 83 pairs of spectacles were dispatched to Vision Aid Overseas, most of which were collected by Kirkby Stephen Primary school.

2 August 2011. Stonehenge in Australia (Clonehenge)

Fred Hayllar gave a talk on a new tourist attraction at Esperance in Australia, it is a modern replica of Stonehenge, however, this one is made from local Esperance pink granite, all cut to shape in the local quarry. Unfortunately, the person who originally thought up the idea and commissioned it, went bust, so a couple from the Esperance Rotary Club decided to take on the project and complete it. It consists of 137 granite stones, the rocks stand 7.7m high and the biggest is 50.3 tonnes, the lintels on top are all 18 tonnes. Fred commented that there are no pagan rituals and no witches in Esperance, and they are still looking for vestal virgins !!! Michael Metcalf-Gibson gave a vote of thanks and the club responded in the usual way.

3 August 2011. Kirkby Stephen Sweep and Clean

Wednesday saw the second "Sweep and Clean" in preparation for the visit of "Britain in Bloom" judges on Friday 5th August. Wednesdays work group was organised by "The Delegator" Ivor Allonby, Upper Eden's own version of "The Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger !!! Clean up was carried out near Jubilee park and The Bridge, the Nateby Road and also South Road. The attached images show action !! shots taken on the evening.

Kirkby Stephen Sweep and Clean Kirkby Stephen Sweep and Clean Kirkby Stephen Sweep and Clean

9 August 2011. Paul Jackson's Aviaries

On Tuesday 9th August, Rotarians were given a guided tour of Paul Jackson's Aviaries. To say we were surprised at how many birds he had, was an understatement. Paul's best estimate was about 350 birds consisting of 39 species. Most of the birds originate from Australia and consisted of finches, doves, parroquets, quails etc. Paul explained that his aim is to breed from all of the pairs of birds, so far there are only a couple of pairs he has not succeeded in doing so and we were shown the cages where the birds hatch their young. It was interesting to hear how the value of birds can vary depending on the colour of their plumage and how there are "in colours" each year. Paul is in the process of replacing all of the aviaries and expanding the number he has. It was a very interesting evening and Lawrence gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club and both Paul and Derek Ousby came for a meal at Nateby afterwards.

16 August. The River Lune, Douglas Birkbeck

Lawrence Cowin introduced Douglas who was born and bred in Soulby. Douglas started by saying that he first came to talk to Upper Eden Rotary 23 years ago, when he gave a talk on the River Eden!! Douglas explained that the River Lune's journey to the sea south of Heysham actually started in Newbiggin-on-Lune and is the result of several different Becks running into one. The "Biggin" in Newbiggin actually means "Building". We were shown various slides, one of them being Ravenstonedale Railway Station which was actually in Newbiggin-on-Lune so anyone thinking they were arriving at Ravenstonedale actually had a bit of a walk!! This was followed by a picture of Tebay Station which at one time was quite a major station. The River Lune weaves it way from Newbiggin down to Tebay, Hallbeck, Kirkby Lonsdale, Hornby, Lancaster until it reaches the sea at Sunderland Point. What is not generally known is the Lune was at one time an excellent river for Salmon and Trout. An excellent talk and presentation and Peter Davy gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club to which everyone responded in the usual way.

Fellowship is alive and well at Upper Eden Rotary

23 August 2011. Yomp Presentation Evening

This week saw the annual Yomp presentation evening to the representatives of the nominated charities, these being the Alzheimer's Society (Penrith Branch), Prostate Cancer Charity and also Shelterbox. Cheques for £1500 were presented to each of the recipients present, who also responded, giving a brief overview of their charities. Julie Prior, who represented the Alzheimer's Society first explained that she was originally a Rotarian and in fact the first female Rotarian in Cumbria, unfortunately, she had to come out of Rotary to look after her father when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Julie went onto say that today, there are 7300 people with dementia in Cumbria and this is likely to rise to an excess of 10,000 by 2021 !! Julie was followed by John Eakins, a volunteer from the Prostate Cancer Charity. John explained that over 10.000 men die each year from this disease and that Prostate Cancer is seen very much as the "Cinderella" of cancers. He went on to explain how the money would be used. The charity spend over £1m a year on research, they support men with the cancer, raise awareness, provide literature (some of which was left for members) and organise events such as a national sponsored moustache growing event in November of each year. Andrew Bailey from the Carlisle Rotary Club followed up with his "Napkin" speech by saying that Upper Eden Club is one of the biggest supporters, if not the biggest supporter of Shelterbox in the district. Shelterbox is now being deployed in Libya and the Horn of Africa and is one of the top charities in the UK and now has eight international distribution centres. Allan Barr from JT Atkinson's, the main sponsor of the Yomp, also attended and was thanked by Ben Lyon for their involvement. Overall, an excellent evening, very informative and really explained how important the monies raised by The Yomp helps the nominated charities

2011 Yomp Presentation Evening

1 September 2011. Bowls Semi Final

After a very tough schedule of non-competition matches, Upper Eden Rotary, under the captaincy of David Garrick made it through to the area semi-finals on the 1st September. The team set off in high spirits with great expectations of victory, this being based on their current record of nil defeats and to be honest, nil competitive games !! Anyway, thinking positive, they arrived to be presented with not just a normal Barrow Rotary team, but a Rotary team of County players !! Following a team talk to get everyone psyched up, the competition began, unfortunately, with all the good planning, things did not work out and we were beaten by 4 games to one. Never mind, there is always next year !! On the positive side, the team were treated to an excellent evening of fellowship and refreshments, just as well the team had "doggy" bags to bring home surplus food for the long journey home.

1 July 2011. Bowls Semi Final 1 July 2011. Bowls Semi Final 1 July 2011. Bowls Semi Final 1 July 2011. Bowls Semi Final 1 July 2011. Bowls Semi Final

6 September 2011. Rare Breeds Survival Trust

John Alderson introduced our speaker this evening, who was Lawrence Alderson (no relation, we were assured). Lawrence has had a career in Genetics and founded the Rare Breeds Genetics Trust. His talk, accompanied by a presentation, covered various breeds of horses and ponies, cattle and sheep. He showed how all sheep actually come from the Moniflon breed which came from the Turkey, Iraq region and Lawrence showed how different breeds of sheep had different ways of storing fat, i.e. tails, rump etc plus, how different countries bred sheep to accommodate their regional requirements, such as either very long legs or fat buttocks. He also talked about how there is a Hungarian pig that actually grows a fleece. All in all, a very interesting talk and presentation showing that not all of what you see in the local fields and auction marts is what what is actually out there, plus, where did they all originate.

13 September 2011. Curry Aid Night at Soulby Village Hall

For a change, Club members along with wives and partners decamped to Soulby Village Hall for the weekly meeting, the occasion being a curry night to raise money for Curry Aid, a charity set up by local person Jessie Oddy to raise money for orphanages in the Tamil Nadu area of Southern India. All money raised goes direct to the two orphanages supported by Curry Aid and pays for things such as bunk beds, meals and toys for the children. The curry evening raised £320 for the charity, plus, another £200 was raised toward a sponsored charity cycle ride made by Paul Holroyd, who cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for the same charity. A great evening was had by all and in the process, was able to raise money for a great charity.

30 September 2011. Upper Eden Rotary Club Charter Night

The 32nd Charter Night was held at The Tufton Arms in Appleby. Attendees from eleven other Rotary clubs attended along with club members and their wives. Guests invited for the evening included Assistant District Governor Alan Hoggarth and the Chairman of Upper Eden Probus Club, Richard Arrowsmith. The guest speaker for the evening was Alston Vet Karl Collins who gave an entertaining talk about his experiences as a vet ! Alan Hoggarth also inducted Dr. Carl Hallam as a member of The Rotary Club of Upper Eden. It was an evening of celebration and friendship, plus light entertainment (including lively banter) provided by members and guests. In his speech President Bill Barr bravely said he judged the continuing success of the Club by his 'Chatter Index'. This, as he declared to much laughter, was the noise made by members in lively conversation at their weekly meetings, rivaling that of a room full of women....and the ladies present said...... well, what the ladies present said, was not recorded !!

2011 Upper Eden Rotary Club Charter Night

4 October 2011. Visit of Sunny Akuopha from Bamako, Mali

This week saw a return visit by Sunny to Upper Eden Rotary Club, the weather this time being better than his previous visit when most of the club could not attend due to the snow !! Sunny explained to everyone that his district, District 9100, actually covers 14 different countries, although at the moment, they are looking to maybe split the district into two, one district having ten countries and the other having four. Sunny explained that the name Mali is actually the name of a Hippo and that the first Rotary Club in the district was set up 50 years ago. They are at present working toward setting up more clubs and have a target of five new clubs. Their first contact with members of Upper Eden and Appleby Clubs was when Roger Frank and John Taylor went with the famed "Ice Cream" van, John also attended tonight's meeting. Arthur Littlefair gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club and everyone responded in the usual way in thanking Sunny for coming along and explaining more about the geographical area of District 9100.

25 October 2011. Job Talk by David Caldow

David recently transferred into the Upper Eden Club from Birkenhead. His career started as an articled apprentice in the timber trade, this then followed by working for a company where his role was turning around poor performing branches. He then went into house building by working for a company making panels for dolls houses!! Deciding now was the right time, he started his own company called the “The Desk Centre” where he distributed from his own warehouse, office furniture throughout the UK, mainly to universities, schools and the police. A very interesting talk from a man who’s passion is also sailing. What is he doing in Cumbria?

01 November 2011. Visit to The Croglin Brewery.

The meeting this week moved to the Croglin Hotel in Kirkby Stephen where the evening started with a tour of the micro brewery in the cellar. The resident brewer, Ian Simpkin, showed and explained the process where he as was actually just completing a brew. He explained how the use of different hops can affect the taste of the beer, i.e. from less bitter ale to a more bitter ale. Following the tour, everyone retired to the bar to sample the brew and also to enjoy a very good meal. Thanks were given to both Rob and Ian for their time and the meal by club President Bill Barr.

02 November 2011. Inter Club 10 Pin Bowing at Workington

Under the leadership and captaincy of David Garrick, the team of Graham Curtis, Arthur Littlefair, Ivor Allonby, Lawrence Cowin and Dave Prince travelled to Workington for the match. As everyone was keen to get there, we arrived early, so decided to get some practice before the opponents arrived. Following the practice and being thoroughly limbered up and ready to go, we felt confident and proceeded with match which proved to be very competitive and ended up very close at the end. Unfortunately we lost by six points. Never mind, a good evening, pity about the result.

15 November 2011. Annie Hamilton-Gibney, Archaeology of the Mallerstang Valley

Annie gave a very good presentation and showed various artefacts that have been found locally, namely flint axe heads found at Wharton Hall, Neolithic axes found near Outhgill. She also explained how there have been other items found from other parts of the country that really showed that Mallerstang and the Upper Eden Valley could be the centre of everywhere (and not the centre of nowhere) part of the country where traders met to exchange goods. Annie also showed various buildings where they had been extended, including the notorious rogue and highwayman Ned Ward whose house was in Outhgill. There was also a lot of mining that went on in Mallerstang, including coal mining. An interesting talk which just shows how much history there is locally. The club gave their thanks in the usual way.

22 November 2011. Roger Frank. Things to do before you die!

Roger presented a show and talk about The Goodwood Revival held at the Goodwood circuit in Sussex in the middle of September each year. Roger visited in September 2011. He mentioned that this year was the 50th year of the E Type Jag, the 75th year of the Spitfire and the 100th year of Ford in Britain. Parts of the display were people in period costume and he gave a presentation (allowing for technical problems) of some of the exhibits and races and talked about some of the cars on show and racing. The weekend also included a fly past of a Flying Fortress and spitfires. An interesting talk thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

26 November 2011. Wines and Savouries Evening at Soulby

Soulby Village Hall was the venue for the annual wine and savouries evening. This year was the normal successful do with about 100 people attending. As usual, the excellent range food was provided by wives and partners. During the course of the evening the annual Rotary Coop Raffle was drawn the Coop vouchers, the winners this year were Joyce Jackson (£100), Janet Hartley (£50), Hannah Andrew (£25) and Diane Barnes (£25). An excellent evening, enjoyed by all, raising money for Rotary charities. Bill Barr expressed his thanks to wives, partners and members for organising the evening.

29 November 2011. Vision Aid Overseas

31 pairs of spectacles were dispatched to Vision Aid Overseas.

29 November 2011. Kathy Usher, Wider Aspects of Dowsing

Peter Derry introduced Kathy Usher as a former Met Police officer and a former Rugby, Swimming and basketball coach. She started her talk by explaining that dowsing has been around since at least the 5th century and was initially used to find water and minerals. She went on to give practical demonstrations using various different types of dowsing rods and tools, co opting support from her able assistant, Ben Lyon!! Kathy explained how it can be used for detecting underground streams and even asking the rods to point to different people or objects. An interesting and thought provoking talk and a vote of thanks being given by Carl Hallam with the members responding in the normal fashion.

06 December 2011. Stephen Walker, The Nine Standards

Ray Thornton introduced the evening speaker by saying they had grown up together and that Stephen has written a book on The Nine Standards. He showed aerial images that there has not always been just the nine and has varied between eight and ten. No one really knows why they were originally built or when although there are records going back for 800 years showing they have been there in one form or another. Stephen also explained about an organisation called “The Friends of The Nine Standards” whose object is to fund non-intrusive research that will determine beyond reasonable doubt whether the major features on Nine Standards Rigg reflect archaeology or lithology and to publicise these findings to a wider public. An interesting talk on what looks down on us from above on the high fells. Peter Davy gave a vote of thanks and the club responded in the normal way.

13 December 2011. Upper Eden Rotary Raffle Winners

The picture shows the winners of the Co-op raffle receiving their prizes of Co-op gift vouchers from Upper Eden President Bill Barr. The first prize £100 in vouchers was Joyce Jackson, second with £50 was Janet Hartley (absent), third with £25 was Hannah Andrew and fourth with £25 Diana Barnes. The Rotary Club of Upper Eden would like to thank the Co-op manager Marge Dillon (Pictured) and her staff for allowing the sale of the raffle tickets at the Kirkby Stephen store.

13 December 2011. Upper Eden Rotary Raffle Winners

16 December 2011. Bingo at Mill Gardens

It was eyes down for a line and full house at Mill Gardens on the 16th December when a Bingo Night was arranged. There was a good turnout of about twenty people taking part, both from Mill gardens and also from outside. The evening was facilitated by several members of the club who assisted by calling the numbers, checking the cards and giving out the prizes. A very good evening enjoyed by all.

16 December 2011. Bingo at Mill Gardens 16 December 2011. Bingo at Mill Gardens

19 December 2011. Aquabox 87321 despatched

Today our club despatched another aquabox. Box number 87321.

17 January 2012. Libby Bateman, Broadband in the Upper Eden Valley

Libby was introduced by Dave Prince as the “Digital Hero For the Northwest”. Libby, amongst other things, spends much of her time promoting and cajoling organisations to install and get ready internet broadband in the area. She gave a very interesting and awareness talk on how to get the best from the internet, plus what is happening to improve things. The problem with the area we live in, is how and who pays for it. Ideally we all receive the best possible, however, it is not always possible. She did however give tips on how best to use what we have. A vote of thanks was given by Michael Metcalfe-Gibson.

24 January 2012. Richard Want, Quiz Night

This was an evening where wives and partners had been invited and the evening was started by  John Andrew introducing Richard. Richard started by organising everyone into teams. With a variety of team names, it soon became evident that the name of the team did not matter. Questions ranged from local awareness questions to national and international, in the end, the team with the most points won over the course of the evening was the team from Raisbeck. They took home the bottle of wine (how they shared it still remains a mystery). An educating evening enjoyed by all.

31 January 2012. Burns Night

The Fat Lamb again put on a great Burns Night evening of Haggis and Neeps. President Bill Barr again gave his famous address to the Haggis. The evening, as in past years ended with a toast to the Haggis, again enjoyed by all the whisky drinkers.

1 February 2012. Christmas Raffle cheque presentations held at Mill Gardens

On the 1st February at a presentation held at Mill Gardens, a cheque for £600 was presented by President Bill Barr to Age UK as a donation toward the funding for Tebay day centre and various luncheon clubs held for the elderly in Brough, Winton and Kirkby Stephen, plus Memory Lane in Kirkby Stephen which provides support and information for people with memory loss. Valerie Dugdale received the cheque on behalf of Age UK (Carlise and Eden) and thanked Upper Eden Rotary Club for their donation. A donation of £200 was also made to Eden Community Alarms which provides support services to vulnerable people in the Eden area, the alarms are used to summon help quickly in an emergency. Chief Officer Kath Hetherington commented "we have a significant number of clients in the Kirkby Stephen area and we are grateful to Upper Eden Rotary Club for this donation" Trustee Arthur Littlefair attended on their behalf.

1 February 2012. Christmas Raffle cheque presentations held at Mill Gardens

9 February 2012. Tri Club Indoor Bowing at Appleby

This was the annual challenge match held between Appleby, Barnard Castle and Upper Eden Rotary clubs. After an excellent supper, the challenge commenced, this year, due to the absence of David Garrick, the Upper Eden Club was under the captaincy of Ivor Allonby. After agreeing teams (including Bill Barr and John Houston going out on loan), the battle commenced. To say the scoring formulae was confusing, was an understatement and created the usual debates about who was winning and who won overall at the end of the evening. Yet again, Appleby came out on top and we came to the end of another tournament, thinking what may have been and how we can win next year !!!

9 February 2012. Tri Club Indoor Bowing at Appleby 9 February 2012. Tri Club Indoor Bowing at Appleby 9 February 2012. Tri Club Indoor Bowing at Appleby

21 February 2012. John Falshaw – Mallerstang to Mardale

Michael Metcalf-Gibson introduced John Falshaw from Orton. John gave a very interesting talk and slide presentation covering Mallerstang to Mardale. He started by talking about Wild Board Fell, Outhgill and Pendragon Castle. He also mentioned Ravenstonedale Church which has an unusual three tier pulpit, plus the most uncomfortable pews known !! The talk and presentation also covered Sunbiggin Tarn, Orton Hall and Shap Wells Hotel. Will Ellis gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club and post meeting it was agreed to send a donation of £50 to Arthritis Research UK.

3 March 2012. Ladies Night at Simonstone Hall

Members and their partners travelled to Simonstone Hall for Ladies Night. A coach was laid on for those who wished to use it. This year’s Ladies Night, organised by Lawrence Cowin, included an evening of musical entertainment  which was readily accepted enjoyed by all who attended. Another great evening of friendship and fellowship with the club members and partners.

6 March 2012. Matthew Davy, Where are we?

Peter Davy introduced his son Matthew Davy, this followed from his previous talk “Where are you?” Matthew explained how information is transferred via the internet from A to B and how the system ensures it is transferred to the correct end user by using correct networking addresses. This is done by using protocol set up via a network using individual international addresses via a domain. Matthew also mentioned the fact that it is not advisable to leave PCs running unless there is a firewall in place. David Garrick gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club who responded in the usual manner.

20 March 2012. Dr Carl Hallam, Job Talk

Introduced by Lawrence Cowin, Carl gave an interesting and entertaining talk and slide presentation about his trials, tribulations and exploits to become a local GP !!! He explained that it was not just about medical training, it was commando training and experience in war zones that helped him prepare for becoming GP in Kirkby Stephen. He worked in conditions from freezing 500 miles above the Arctic Circle to Northern Ireland and other places in between. Roger Frank gave a vote of thanks and welcomed Carl to the fold.

18 April 2012. Vision Aid Overseas

24 pairs of spectacles were dispatched to Visi Aid Overseas.

24 April 2012. Barbara Cafano

Richard Todd introduced Barbara Cafano. Barbara spoke about how she and her husband have so enjoyed their visits to this part of England that they have moved to live in Ravenstonedale from their native Italy to establish their 'Italian at Heart' and 'Salotto Italiano' enterprises. They are seeking to promote links between their communities in Italy and ours here and seek to achieve this by a number of differing means, Community twinning, creative craft workshops, language courses, educational visits, sporting events and portal services for business and commercial ventures are all on the cards. It was a most informative and well presented talk about how such things can develop and was much enjoyed by members. John Houston thanked Barbara for coming along and the club responded in the usual way.

1 May 2012. Business Challenge Presentations

John Begg introduced the three winning teams along with teachers Sue Bennett and Mike Sunderland, plus head teacher David Keetley. John said that this year the standards were very high and the judges had great difficulty in choosing the winning teams. He then handed over to Mike Sunderland to introduce the teams. First up were Amy and Toya who presented their business proposal called "Just Gentlemen", a barber shop based in Kirkby Stephen offering a quick, simple and quality service for men of all ages. Second up. were Jess and Fiona who's business is called "Fingertips" offering a mobile fingernail service covering a twenty mile radius of Kirkby Stephen. The last pair to present were the lads who talked about their business proposal "Dust Busters", a house cleaning and gardening service in the Eden Valley area, flexible on service and cost. Carl Hallam gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the club. David Keetley then thanked UE Rotary Club for their support also saying how proud he was of the pupils plus thanking Sue and Mike for their encouragement. Sue then thanked John Begg for the continued work he does with KSGS.

Business Challenge Presentations. Upper Eden Rotary Club

14 May 2012. Snooker

The Upper Eden team had made it through to the semi finals of the district knock out tournament, now it was time to play a game against some opponents for the first time!! The team of intrepid players led by team captain David Garrick, set off for Kendal along with their mascot Roger Frank!! The evening consisted of two singles games and two doubles. Surprise, surprise, we lost all four games, although one of the doubles was close as penalty points by both teams made the scores look impressive!! An excellent evening enjoyed by all involved.

15 May 2012. JT Atkinson Cheque Presentation

The attached photograph shows the presentation of the yomp sponsorship cheque for £1800 by Alan Barr, manager of the Kirkby Stephen branch to President Bill Barr. Both Alan and Bill took part in the Yomp this year.

15 May 2012. JT Atkinson Cheque Presentation

15 May 2012. Margaret Albon talking about Iran

Margaret Albon was the guest speaker tonight and was introduced by Ray Thornton. She described and presented a slide show on her visit to Iran three years ago and explained about life as it is now and how it was when it was known as Persia. The tour party did much of their travelling in a coach named “Only God” staying in excellent hotels with great food consisting mainly of kebabs, rice and fruit. The population were young who wanted to talk and were very interested in western life. Obviously with a country with so much history, archaeology was readily available. The views were picturesque and everywhere was litter free. John Andrew expressed his thanks on behalf of the club and everyone responded in the usual way.

15 May 2012. Induction of New Member David Whitehead

The second part of the evening was the induction of new member David Whitehead by President Bill Barr and introduced to the club by Stuart Johnstone.

15 May 2012. Induction of New Member David Whitehead. Stuart Johnstone, Bill Barr and David Whitehead.

19 May 2012. Strawberries and Wine Evening

To conclude what seemed a busy week, a Strawberries and Wine evening was held at the Rugby Club. Members, partners and guests enjoyed a great evening with a raffle, “the Whisky Wheel of Fortune” and other entertaining games!! Thanks went to partners for their involvement in making the delightful and thoroughly enjoyable food.

22 May 2012. Stainmore Railway Visit

The visit was to The Stainmore Railway Company and we were hosted by Sue and Mike Thompson, Mike being Chairman and Sue being secretary. Mike gave an overview of the history of the station and the use of the line for transporting coal from the north east to Barrow for steel making. He also explained how when they took over the building and site, it was near derelict. They have since carried out a lot of renovation and have a resident working steam engine and diesel engine and eventually want to run the line to Warcop. The evening we were there, they were taking delivery of a coach which, this we found very interesting as they unloaded it from the low loader on which it had been transported by road. An interesting evening and President Bill Barr gave a vote of thanks to Mike and Sue on behalf of the club.

22 May 2012. Stainmore Railway Visit 22 May 2012. Stainmore Railway Visit 22 May 2012. Stainmore Railway Visit

19 June 2012. Club Assembly with ADG Mary Bradley

Tonight saw the annual club assembly with the different committees and representatives presenting their overview of the things gone by and things to come in the next year. Mary stood in at the last moment to represent district and reacted very well to the humour and easy nature of the club. Unfortunately, due to a Charter night in Kendal, President Bill Barr and various other members could not attend. The meeting was chaired by incoming President Lawrence Cowin.

20 June 2012. The Olympic Torch in Brough

This day brought the Olympic Torch to Brough, Upper Eden Club were asked to act as marshals for the event, various members helped out to control the excited crowds as shown in the attached pictures.

The Olympic Torch in Brough The Olympic Torch in Brough The Olympic Torch in Brough The Olympic Torch in Brough The Olympic Torch in Brough The Olympic Torch in Brough

20 June 2012. District Bowls Semi Finals

At long last Upper Eden were ready for action against Penrith on the Crown Bowling Green in Kirkby Stephen. Hoping the midges and the lie of the greens would be to their advantage, the team swung into action under the Captaincy of David Garrick. Unfortunately, it was an evening of what could be, what maybe and there is always next year !!! After a thoroughly entertaining evening, both teams retired to the Black Bull at Nateby for refreshment and relaxation.

25 June 2012. Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale

Tonight saw a friendly game of quoits between Upper Eden and Wensleydale clubs at the CB Inn in Arkengarthdale.  Apart from being attacked by midges, it was a great evening with Upper Eden actually coming out on top with a resounding victory. Following the match, members of both clubs retired to the CB Inn for refreshment and a meal.

Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale Quoits at The CB Inn in Wensleydale