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2008 diary of upper eden rotary club

The Year of President Roger Jacobs (2008-09)
Diary July 2008 - July 2009

22nd July. Presentation of Yomp cheques

The Rotary Club of Upper Eden hosted a Presentation Evening at the Black Bull Inn Nateby on Tuesday 22nd July when the bulk of the funds raised at this year’s Mallerstang and Nine Standards Yomp were donated to the selected Charities. Cheques for a total of £4,000 were presented to the main beneficiaries: Hospice at Home, Macmillan Nurses, Water Aid and The Royal Marsden Cancer Appeal Fund. Other donations totalling £500 were made to Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team and the Air Training Corps who provided valuable assistance on Yomp day helping to ensure the safety of the Yompers and our helpers. Yomp Committee Chairman John Andrew paid tribute to the partners of Rotarians and all of the helpers who turned out on the day to make it such a success and to Out Of Eden who had sponsored the event this year. (In the picture left to right: Rotarian John Andrew - Chairman of Yomp Committee, Ann Thornton – Hospice at Home, Maureen Rutter - Macmillan Nurses, Neil Remmer - Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team, Mervyn Jones - Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Appeal Fund, Upper Eden’s Vice President Rotarian Ray Thornton.)

8th August. BBQ

Michael and Sally Metcalfe-Gibson hosted a barbecue for 28 members and wives at the beginning of August. After a very uncertain spell of rain, the skies cleared and a dry, although chilly, evening was enjoyed by all.

19th August. Bowls Evening

The Upper Eden Rotary Club organised a friendly bowls evening for members and wives at Kirkby Stephen Bowls Club. After many wet days the green ran very slowly, but the evening was fairly dry and an enjoyable time was had by all. Following the bowls, members, six wives and a son adjourned to the Black Bull at Nateby for dinner.

22nd July. Presentation Evening at the Black Bull Inn Nateby

8th August. BBQ at Michael and Sally's

8th August. BBQ at Michael and Sally's 8th August. BBQ at Michael and Sally's 8th August. BBQ at Michael and Sally's 8th August. BBQ at Michael and Sally's 8th August. BBQ at Michael and Sally's

19th August. Bowls Evening

19th August. The Upper Eden Rotary Club organised a friendly bowls evening 19th August. The Upper Eden Rotary Club organised a friendly bowls evening

23rd September. Macmillan Cancer Support

The Rotary Club had a presentation on 23rd September from Maureen Rutter, who explained the history and operations of Macmillan Cancer Support. She emphasised that the organisation was not just about nurses, but helps to support cancer sufferers from when the disease is first suspected. Prime areas of support are through information and advice, financial assistance, therapists, and support for carers, employing around 4000 health professionals. Macmillan also acts as a force for change through lobbying in the political arena, and Maureen was delighted by the Prime Minister’s announcement that day, of free prescriptions for Cancer patients, a cause that she had been fighting for. The £100 million annual budget is all raised from voluntary donations, 73% goes direct to patient care and only 1% is spent on administration. Maureen reiterated her thanks for the generous donation made by the Upper Eden Rotary Club at the recent Yomp presentation evening. It was also pointed out that the following Friday would see the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning, where over £9 million is expected to be raised. A coffee morning will be held in Kirkby Stephen and all members were invited to attend. John Bainbridge made a heart-felt vote of thanks to Maureen for her presentation.

Roger Jacobs and Maureen Rutter

26th September. Charter Night

The 29th Charter Anniversary Dinner of the Upper Eden Rotary Club was held on Friday 26 September 2008 at the Tufton Arms, Appleby. Tony Parrini, District Governor of District 1190 attended together with representatives from clubs in Accrington, Appleby, Brampton and Longtown, Carlisle Castle, Carlisle South, Kendal South Westmoreland, Keswick, Maryport, Penrith, Wensleydale, Whitehaven, and Whitehaven Castle. For the first time in the club’s history partners of Rotarians were invited and over 80 Rotarians and guests enjoyed the evening. The main speaker was John Owen, Vice-President of the Rugby Football Union, who outlined his experiences in Shap, his progress through the ranks of Rugby Union, and the enthusiasm he sees with youngsters in Upper Eden. President Roger Jacobs used a number of props to enhance his toast to guests and visitors, including a shooting star and an inflatable sheep. He encouraged all Rotarians with wacky ideas to mention them, as they may find support in Upper Eden. A surprise during the evening was the presentation of Paul Harris Fellowships to Roger Frank of the Upper Eden club, and John Taylor of Appleby for the efforts they have made over the past few years in providing tangible support to the people of Mali. Sewing machines were delivered in a Pink Ice-Cream Van, and a further trip is about to start, in larger vehicles delivering redundant hospital equipment for the benefit of the population of one of the poorest countries on Earth. Footnote from President Rocky - I requested the ladies "dressed to impress or look like a million dollars". How proud you made me feel when you made your entrance, PURE MAGIC.

Upper Eden Rotary Club President, Roger Jacobs John Owen, Vice President of Rugby Football Union – Guest Speaker President Ian Potts of Appleby, & President Roger Jacobs of Upper Eden present Paul Harris Fellowships to John Taylor and Roger Frank

30th September. Site Visit to Airstream Europe Limited

Members and their partners made an evening visit to Airstream at their Tebay Workshops on Tuesday evening and were welcomed by the Manager Mr Earle Briggs and his Assistant Mr John Davison. Mr Earle explained that Airstream was first established in Ohio USA over 75 years ago and recently decided to branch out into the European market. European laws on road traffic set a limit on width of trailer caravans of 2.3 Metres, much narrower than the limits in USA, so Airstream decided to import the galvanized steel chassis units into the USA from Germany. Then in their Ohio factory they build on the aluminium body work and fit the interior sleeping units, cupboards and partitioning. The semi-completed units are then shipped back to Europe in batches of 100 using a roll on – roll off type of vessel. In Tebay the units are “finished off ” with the addition of electrical appliances including fridge/freezer, cooking units, satellite TV’s and radio/CD players. Units for the European market range from a two berth single axle Type 532 at 6.8M length to a four berth twin axle Type 684 at 8.25M length. All units have external dimensions of 2.3M width x 2.65M height. The aluminium bodywork is manufactured from highly polished  “Aircraft” grade material with 45mm thick framed walls plus 60mm thick insulation and with a special external transparent protective coating. Our picture shows a two-berth unit outside the Tebay premises that is 40 years old and still gleaming like new in the Autumn sunlight. The second picture shows Manager Earle Briggs inside the workshop with a range of Airstream units that are undergoing final fitting out.

Rotary visit to Airstream at Tebay

19th October. Sunday Lunch at Burneston

A group of around 30 Rotarians and partners took a coach trip for Sunday lunch at the Woodman Inn at Burneston near Bedale in mid-October. This is the new home of Jon and Jacqui, who had left the Black Bull, Nateby just a year before. We were provided with an excellent two course lunch, even including rice pudding and prunes for one of our number, following early comments about their times at Nateby! An excellent event was enjoyed by all, with the opportunity for a good sleep on the way home.

Rotary lunch at Burneston

28th October. Presentation to Wateraid

John Howell, a Rotarian from Keswick, attended the Upper Eden Rotary Club meeting on 28 October to talk about the Rotary projects with Wateraid in Tanzania, and to receive a cheque for £1000 on their behalf. This was part of the proceeds of the 2008 Mallerstang Horseshoe and Nine Standards Yomp. Wateraid is an appropriate charity in the 2008 International Year of Sanitation. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, where there is a severe shortage of water, coupled with a lack of awareness of the links between hygiene and health. Wateraid has asked Rotary to help with aid and has agreed that 100% of funding raised by Rotary will go to projects on the ground. Women are generally responsible for obtaining water, and as it is often some distance away, much valuable time is taken up in water carrying. Consequently, the women have little opportunity to work, or be educated. Existing sources of water are shared with animals, and are often contaminated. Hot work leads to a need for drinking and diseases develop. Wateraid appoints a local project team, which must raise some money to develop ownership of the outcome. The first stage of assistance is installation of a tube well and hand-pump, often including the appointment of a local employee to control, and maintain it. Education regarding the use of clean water follows, with emphasis on hygiene issues. The projects develop into the area of sanitation, with provision of various types of latrine. Composting toilets can have additional benefits of providing suitable fertiliser for the crops, increasing the yield and area of cultivation. The schools are key to this process with children being educated in health, hygiene and sanitation. The provision of adequate lavatories attracts staff to the schools and this gives rise to multiple benefits. The one cloud on the horizon is the prospect of Climate Change, with water provision becoming a bigger problem, and the possibility of politicisation leading to conflict. It is anticipated that the developing countries will be at a severe disadvantage. Roger Frank gave a vote of thanks, supporting much of the need for assistance in African countries, based on his efforts in providing medical equipment to Mali.

28th October. President Rocky presents a cheque for £1000 to John Howell for the Wateraid project in Africa

1st November. Wine & Savouries Evening

The Rotary Club of Upper Eden held its annual Wine & Savouries evening on Saturday 1st November 2008 at the Upper Eden Rugby Club. A selection of cheeses, crackers, chocolate coated grapes, stuffed olives and a host of other savouries were provided by the Ladies, with a free wines and soft drinks bar until 9.00pm. The party was enlivened by a visit from a Halloween group, who steadfastly refused to be photographed with Glynn Jones, the undertaker. During the evening the winning tickets from the Christmas Raffle were drawn and the winners announced. The first prize of £100 went to Alan Bainbridge. The second prize of £50 was won by Valerie Ewin and the two third prizes of £25 were won by Chris Metcalfe-Gibson & Louise Bainbridge. Proceeds from the raffle will go towards providing Christmas parcels for senior citizens in the Upper Eden area. The prizes will be presented at the Co-op on Tuesday 11 November. The Rotary Club express their sincere thanks to the Coop for providing the vouchers and allowing the Club to sell tickets in the Store during mid October, and thanks all those who gave their support and helped to make a success of both the Raffle and the Wine & Savouries evening. Special thanks go to Colin & Jean Jenkinson whose efforts underpin the success of the evening.

1st November. Ghouls at the Rotary Club of Upper Eden Wine and Savouries Evening 1st November. The bar at the Rotary Club of Upper Eden Wine and Savouries Evening 1st November. Colin and Jean Jenkinson at the  Rotary Club of Upper Eden Wine and Savouries Evening

4th November. Visit to The Linen Press

Thirty members and partners from the Upper Eden Rotary Club visited The Linen Press in Hartley, where Christine Thornborrow explained the development of this thriving business from the supply of bed-linen to design and procurement of a clothing range. The business is primarily based on mail-order sales, but there is a retail outlet at the premises in Hartley Fold. Visitors had the opportunity to see the web-site, warehouse and shop, and many wives expressed a wish to revisit the shop at their leisure for a closer look.

Christine Thornborrow The Linen Press at Hartley

4th November. Induction of Ian Udale. Visit to The Linen Press

Following the visit to The Linen Press the party adjourned to the Black Bull for the weekly dinner. This was a special meeting, as John Andrew, 2nd Vice President had the honour of inducting Ian Udale as a new Rotarian member of the Upper Eden Club. Members of the club expressed a warm welcome to Ian and look forwarding to working with him in future.

4th November. A visit to The Linen Press, Hartley, by the Upper Eden Rotary Club 4th November. John Andrew inducting Ian Udale as a new Rotarian member of the Upper Eden Rotary Club

6th November. Cheque presentation

Four Rotarians from the Upper Eden Club attended the meeting of the 1st Kirkby Stephen Cub Pack on 6th November to present a cheque for £250 to purchase cooking equipment for camping. The money came from the Sid Rowe legacy, a fund administered by the Upper Eden Rotary Club, for expenditure on significant and permanent items for groups in Kirkby Stephen and area. Bill Barr, the club treasurer, made the presentation to Lois Wiseman, Cub Scout Leader.

6th November. Presentation of prizes for Co-op raffle

8th November. Departure of Aid to Mali

With the preparations for the Mali Aid trip all completed Saturday 8th November 2008 saw the official send-off for the six intrepid adventurers from the Eden Valley in their three vehicles. Roger Frank, John Taylor, Alan McVeity, Arthur Littlefair, Dr Carl Hallam and Gerald Braithwaite have spent many weeks refurbishing vehicles, planning and packing the trucks for what they hope will be a three week journey to Bamako, the capital of Mali. They are driving two 7.5 tonne trucks and a mini-bus all packed tight with approximately six tons of medical equipment. This includes eighteen hospital beds, forty five wheelchairs, two incubators and two resuscitation units for babies, all of which is redundant equipment from a main UK hospital, all in first class condition and saved from being thrown on the scrap heap when the hospital was closed down. The medical instruments, dressings plus several thousand syringes and needles that complete the load, have all been donated by medical centres throughout Cumbria and will soon be distributed amongst some of the poorest clinics in the world. Four members of the team are Rotarians and the trip has been facilitated by the Rotary Clubs of Appleby and Upper Eden Rotary aided by their contacts within Rotary International. The Rotary Club of Amitie, established in Bamako the Capital of Mali, will welcome the party and that Club aided by the five other Malian Rotary Clubs, will be responsible for the distribution of the medical equipment throughout their country. The three vehicles will not be returning to the UK but will be donated to the Amitee Club who will arrange to auction them and will oversee the distribution all of the money raised for local community projects such as the sinking of wells, staffing clinics and providing local schools with essential equipment. Border Television interviewed the team this week and on Saturday they set off from Braithwaite’s Garage, Newbiggin at 8.45a.m. They spent a half hour in Appleby from 9.30 to 10.00 a.m.with a send-off by the Lady Mayor and the final local stop was a half hour in Kirkby Stephen Market Square from 10.30 to 11.00 a.m. The team expect to reach Plymouth by Saturday evening ready to cross the channel to Santander on Sunday from where they will continue the long journey through Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and finally into Mali. Overall the trip is expected to take about four weeks with a return to UK scheduled for 4th December (this year we hope).

8th November. Trucks laden with medical supplies ready for departure to Mali 8th November. Bon Voyage celebrations prior to leaving with aid for Mali 8th November. Arthur Littlefair about to depart for Mali

25th November. Rotary Club Meeting

For the first time in weeks the top table was complete, no business trips or holidays, with attendance by the President, Vice-President and Second Vice-President (see picture on right during the loyal toast). Stuart Johnstone introduced his speaker who claimed to have been flown in at great expense (see video clip). Peter Davy spoke about the early history of Rugby associated with the recent centenary of Kendal Rugby Union Football Club, outlining many attempts to ban the game of football during the Stuart reigns, and the differences in rules which eventually had to be overcome as railways made travel to away matches easier. Bill Barr gave the vote of thanks, remembering the pain of his playing days.

25th November. Peter Davy spoke about the early history of Rugby associated with the recent centenary of Kendal Rugby Union

2nd December. Bingo Night at Mill Gardens

The Upper Eden Rotary Club organised a Bingo session for residents of Mill Gardens sheltered accommodation with their friends from the local Evergreen Club. The well known local Bingo Caller, Mr Paul Stout, once again provided the random number selection unit and a viewing screen which highlighted the selected number. This device was particularly useful to those players with slightly impaired hearing. PP Colin Jenkinson, Community Service Chairman  welcomed players, explained the rules for calling “a line” and “a house” and gave the signal to start proceedings. After twelve full games there were still prizes available so PP Colin called for all those who had not won a game during the evening, to come up and help themselves to a prize ensuring nobody went home empty handed.

Peter Davy

5th December. Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizen

The annual distribution of Christmas Gifts to Senior Citizens in Kirkby Stephen and surrounding villages began on Friday 5th December with visits to Christian Head and Stobar’s Hall. Further visits to homes in the area will begin next week and it is anticipated that in all 120 plus parcels will have been given out before Christmas. The parcels were made up to the Rotary Club’s specification by the local shop of C & J Keogh.

5th December. Rotarian Bill Watkin as Santa providing festive spirit at Kirkby Stephen East Station

9th December. Rotary Meeting

Laurence Cowin arranged for John Begg to show the 9  minute video "Snowdrift at Bleath Gill at this week's meeting. This highlighted the freight train stuck in snow on Stainmore in 1955 and the work entailed to release it. Our vice-president told us that his father was one of the crew digging the engine out, but was not able to identify him. The Christmas gifts for the over 80s were handed over to Rotarians for distribution to recipients.

Video 'Snowdrift at Bleath Gill'.

13th January 2009. New Members Inducted

Two new members were inducted to Rotary by President Roger Jacobs on 13th January 2009. The Upper Eden Rotary Club extend a warm welcome to new members David Prince and Graham Curtis.

13th January. Induction of Graham Curtis 13th January. Induction of David Prince

3rd February. Dalemain House

Mrs Judith Doig from Soulby gave a presentation to the Rotary Club meeting on 3 February about her job as a guide at Dalemain House. She gave a fascinating outline of the history of the house and land since the 11th century, and showed us the Georgian dress she wears in her role as guide. Presenting the 2009 leaflets stimulated certain members to consider a Rotary summer evening outing to view the house and gardens and sample the renowned chocolate cake.

3rd February. Mrs Judith Doig from Soulby gave a presentation to the Rotary Club meeting on about her job as a guide

11th February. Indoor Bowling Competition

The annual three way bowling competition between Rotary Clubs from Appleby, Barnard Castle and Upper Eden took place on Wednesday evening 11th Feb at the Appleby Indoor Bowling Centre. Appleby led by Captain David Rideugh took the trophy after a very hard fought battle which saw some of the bowls heading for players standing on the sidelines rather than the jack. PPs Roger Frank & Colin Jenkinson were the top exponents in “off-carpet” bowling although Colin did get very close to the jack with one attempt. Each Club fielded two teams and were allowed to call-in reserves so on the evening all twelve of Upper Eden contingent had a turn on the mat. There were four members per team each bowling two balls per game so at the end of a match one might expect to see sixteen balls on the mat surrounding the target jack. Our picture (right) indicates the results at the end of one game so you can see the high level of expertise we encountered!! Upper Eden’s First team is here shown “encouraging” the star man of the Appleby team - PP David Rideugh – as he attempts to keep his balls on the mat.

11th February. Indoor Bowling Competition. 11th February. Indoor Bowling Competition. An indication of the standard of play!

14th February. Ladies Night

The venue for this year’s Ladies Night was the Appleby Golf Club where twenty one members and their partners enjoyed a three course dinner and a great social evening a highlight of which was the presentation by President Roger Jacobs of a Rotary Service Recognition Award to Mrs Joan Johnstone of Kirkby Stephen. Mrs Johnstone has been a member of Kirkby Stephen Town Council for almost twenty years and is presently serving as Vice Chair. She is also serving her second year as Chairperson of Eden Housing Association with whom she has been actively engaged  for eleven years. President Roger said that this award was in recognition of the pride and concern for the Community demonstrated by Mrs Johnstone and her unremitting concern and kindness when dealing with the many and varied problems brought to her notice whilst carrying out her duties.

14th Feb. Presentation by President Roger Jacobs of a Rotary Service Recognition Award to Mrs Joan Johnstone

18th Feb. More Bingo at Mill Gardens

Community Service Chairman Rotarian Colin Jenkinson organised another Bingo session at Mill Gardens. Paul Stout once again kindly provided the number crunching equipment and Rotarians Arthur Littlefair, Ray Thornton, Laurence Cowin and David Prince were coached by Paul in the art of Bingo Calling they each took a turn at the machine. Somebody in the audience said it was a good job our President wasn't on hand or we'd have needed to hire an Interpreter!! The event was very well attended by Residents backed up by Evergreen Members and others who had heard of the session on the "Grapevine". (We might even consider advertising any future events in our local newspaper).

10th March. Farming Life in Canada

The club was visited by Christine and Jimmy Akrigg in March. They had sold up their 250 acre farm in Brough Sowerby in 1999, and emigrated to Saskatchewan in Canada where they bought 2500 acres, now increased to 4100 acres. All land in the province is split into 1-mile sections, each divided into quarters, with gravel roads separating the rows. Christine and Jimmy explained their experiences in farming during long hard winters. Jimmy noted that "concrete" lays itself each winter in the form of ice, so there is little need for preparation for wintering of stock. If fact he has discovered minimal husbandry for his cattle, whereby they get exercise walking to get food, drink snow and generally thrive on the process. They have also becoming involved in arable farming, growing Flax, Barley and Canola, highlighting the size of equipment which would certainly not fit the typical gates in the Eden Valley. Jimmy and Christine have now retired leaving their sons to run the farm, and have moved to Fort Qu'appelle, where they joined the local Rotary club last year, in District 5550. They presented greetings and a banner from their president and members, and Vice President Ray Thornton handed them an Upper Eden banner and sent greetings to Fort Qu'appelle from the Upper Eden Club. The Assistant District Governor, Kevin Walsh, attended, and a number of wives also joined the meeting.

March 10th. ADG Kevin Walsh with Christine and Jimmy Akrigg and their host March 10th. Jimmy Akrigg explains the finer points of Canadian agriculture

17th March. Visitors from Ambleside Kirkstone Rotary Club

The routine meeting this week entertained two visitors from the Ambleside Kirkstone club. Sue and Andy Gilchrist joined us as part of a Scatter programme, where their members were encouraged to visit other Rotary Clubs during the week to establish friendships and gather ideas about how other clubs operate. They brought greetings from their President and expressed a welcome to any members who may wish to join one of their meetings.

March 17th. Sue & Andy Gilchrist - visitors from Ambleside Kirkstone

31st March. The Return of the Vicar

William Ellis invited along a speaker for our weekly meeting but wouldn't tell anyone who he had invited! The reason became clear at the pre-dinner drinks gathering as it became obvious that he had invited a vicar. Since previous speakers of this calling have been less than inspiring William probably thought that, if he spilled the beans beforehand, nobody would turn up! However, the vicar in question was none other than the retired vicar of Ravenstonedale, Tebay and Orton, Mrs Carole Marsden. She kept us in stitches for about half an hour reciting some of her 'home written' poetry and regaling us with humorous incidents which have occured along her life's path. She was quite prepared to have a 'bit of a go' at certain club members which, of course, added to the general amusement and, overall, it was felt she had certainly earned her supper that evening. I think we probably haven't heard the last of her at Rotary meetings, and for most of the Club, her return should not be too long delayed.

1st April. Mali Presentation

Dr Carl Hallam and Members of the Team gave a talk and slide presentation to a "sell out" crowd in Kirkby Stephen's Masonic Hall. The comprehensive slide show gave viewers a real insight into the hazards and pleasures the Team encountered and vividly displayed the delight on the faces of the people receiving the vast array of hospital equipment and wheelchairs. The event raised £800 which is destined for Rotary's Polio Plus Campaign.

11th - 12th April. Vintage Vehicle Rally

We were blessed with warm sunny weather and blue skies making it a pleasure for Rotarians to be on duty in Kirkby Stephen and Brough selling catalogues to the thousands of visitors thronging the streets and the various display sites. The sales raised over £1500 in aid of the Vintage Vehicle Rally funds. Members also set up and manned the Rotary Bookstall in Kirkby Stephen Market Square.

April 11th-12th. Vintage Vehicle Rally

23rd April. Calor Village of the Year competition

The Upper Eden Rotary Club played a major part in the recent success of Kirkby Stephen in the Calor Cumbria Village of the Year, and the Calor England Village of the Year competitions. Rotarian Mike Walker, in his role as secretary of the Kirkby Stephen Town Forum, developed the entries for the competitions, and co-ordinated the two presentations for judges in August 2008 and March 2009. The Mallerstang and Nine Standards Yomp featured in both presentations, with the late-2008 Medical Aid trip to Mali and the Cross Fell ShelterBox challenge being included in the 2009 presentation. Mike explained that having won the county competition, Kirkby Stephen would be competing with other county winners, and it was necessary to show the activities that occur in the community, which differentiate Kirkby Stephen from other competitors. Mali Aid and ShelterBox were included as such activities. It was announced in late April that Kirkby Stephen had won the North Region competition, and the win was featured on ITV Borders News and BBC Radio Cumbria. A further round of judging will take place in July 2009 to determine the overall winner of the Calor England Village of the Year, with Kirkby Stephen competing with Hathersage (Derbyshire), Denton (Norfolk), Silchester (Hampshire), and Kingston (Devon). We hope that the Upper Eden Rotary Club will be able to stand-up and be counted once again in the presentation to the judges. The results will be announced at a gala lunch in London in December, and Kirkby Stephen will be on tenterhooks until then.

11th May. Quoits

Upper Eden Rotary Club had an excellent night at the CB against Wensleydale Rotary Club, winning all their matches with Colin Jenkinson and David Garrick being crowned champions. The only down-turn being that our vice president Mr R.Thornton disappeared to the bar claiming he was too cold. Also Roger Franks wouldn't play, but it didn't matter as he appears to be lacking in quoits skills. Food at the CB was excellent as usual.

13th May. District Bowls Competition against Maryport

On 13 May 2009 the club welcomed a team of 6 Rotarians from Maryport for the first round of the District Bowls knockout. With major distances to travel for competition for Rotary Clubs in Cumbria the strategy of both teams may have erred on the "lets get knocked out now" scenario! This was aptly demonstrated by the Maryport claim of being in the final of the District snooker competition without having played a match - all the opposition having conceded, rather than travel to remote regions of Cumbria. A definite home advantage! Three sets of doubles were played on the Kirkby Stephen Green, each of 13 ends. Upper Eden showed their usual standard, most players having been selected on the basis that "you can't be as useless as xxxxx". Lawrence and Ray showed sparkling form with a significant lead at one stage and being pipped to a draw on the final end. Ivor and David showed appropriate leadership never seeing the chance of victory. Fred and Mike, being initially 7-0 down clawed back to 11-9 down on the last end. With one Maryport wood to go and Upper Eden with 4 counting, with a decided possibility of winning, the opposition took out the Jack and took 2 points - defeat snatched from the jaws of victory! Both teams adjourned to the Black Bull at Nateby for a well-earned supper.

13th May. Lawrence Cowin in action 13th May. Fred Hayllar and Mike Walker discuss tactics 13th May. Dave Prince in action 13th May. Ivor Allonby in action

7th June. Yomp 2009

The Upper Eden Rotary Club successfully organised the 27th Mallerstang Horseshoe and Nine Standards Yomp. See Pictures and Report.

7th June. Yomp 2009 7th June. Yomp 2009 7th June. Yomp 2009

16th June 2009. Rotary Business Challenge

The three winning teams from the Rotary Business Challenge held in conjunction with Kirkby Stephen Grammar School attended our meeting this week and gave us marketing presentations for their companies: Under_Score Music, Full of Beans, and Love Your Life. The girls showed confidence and creative ability and are tremendous examples of the achievements of young people in the Upper Eden valley. Mike Sunderland from KSGS thanked Rotary for the support given in judging the entries, and for the provision of prizes.

16th June 2009. Rotary Business Challenge

19th June 2009. Hog Roast at Flitholme

A Hog Roast was held at the home of Fred and Judith Hayllar in Flitholme to raise funds for Cancer Research in memory of Kath Bainbridge. Around 150 people enjoyed the two course meal, and the dancing that followed. Michael Metcalfe-Gibson auctioned a stick for £50 to increase the funding for the charity. The weather was kind to us and a super evening was enjoyed by all.

19th June 2009. Hog Roast at Flitholme 19th June 2009. Hog Roast at Flitholme 19th June 2009. Hog Roast at Flitholme 19th June 2009. Hog Roast at Flitholme

26th June. Upper Eden Rotary Club Change-Over Night

In a break with tradition the annual change-over night was held in Soulby Village Hall, and was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Retiring President Roger Jacobs outlined the highlights of his year, or half-year as he pointed out through his low attendance due to work commitments. His final act as President was to present one of the founder members of the club, Colin Jenkinson, with a Paul Harris fellowship, in recognition of his service to the club over the years, particularly as Chairman of the Vocational and Community Service Committee. Roger then handed over the presidential chain of office to Ray Thornton, and John Andrew and Bill Barr received their vice-presidential and second vice-presidential insignia respectively from the new president. Ray’s first act as new President of the Club was the induction of John Houston and Richard Todd as members of the Club, bringing our membership to a record level of 30 with two honorary members.

President Roger and Gill wondering if the top-table are absent as he often was during his presidential year. Colin Jenkinson receives his Paul Harris Fellowship from President  Roger Jacobs Colin Jenkinson with his Paul Harris Fellowship medal. Ex-President Roger congratulates incoming President Ray.