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2005 diary of upper eden rotary club

The Year of President Peter Cartmell (2005-06)
Diary July 2005 - July 2006

Bowls at Appleby

In Feb 2006 the Rotary Clubs of Upper Eden, Appleby and Barnard Castle held a three way competition in Applebys Indoor Bowling Club. Here you see the team members inspecting the pitch and discussing tactics. Upper Eden lifted the Trophy after a hard fought battle.

Notice Board Presentation

The Rotary Club of Upper Eden identified a need in the local Community and after consultation with the Town Council the Club commissioned a local craftsman Mr Peter Davenport to design and manufacture a Notice Board for the Town Centre. The finished unit bears the Rotary Crest and a note indicating that it is presented to commemorate the Centenary of Rotary. It is constructed from oak with toughened glass doors and a suitable lock.

Past Presidents George Hodgkinson, Michael Metcalfe Gibson and David Garrick are seen here presenting the unit to Mr Alec Birtles Chairman of Kirkby Stephen Parish Council. The unit has been installed outside the Tourist Information Centre in a high visibility location and is already in use. Keys to the notice board are held by the TIC and the Community Centre.

Vintage Vehicle Rally

Easter Weekend Saturday & Sunday saw the annual Vintage Vehicle Rally taking place in Kirkby Stephen, Brough Sowerby and Brough. Over 220 entries were on show and a shuttle service of  Classic coaches and vintage double decker buses ferried passengers, free of charge, to the various display areas. Our Club members were  actively involved in Marshalling and programme selling and the Rotary bookstall was fully manned on both days doing a roaring trade. The Rotary Bus was parked in the Market Square and received quite a number of visitors especially the “upper deck” which included a great view of the passing parades of vintage buses, coaches and the odd steam engine!! Picture shows the bus parked adjacent to our bookstall with a steam engine, belonging to Rotarian Roger Frank, parked in front trying to smoke us out.

Eden Valley Rotarians Tackle the Col du Turini

As part of Rotary’s Centennial celebrations the French Rotary Club of Antibes in District 1730 took it upon themselves to organise a Classic Car Rally open to entrants throughout Europe. Two Eden Valley Rotarians, Roger Frank the President Elect of the Upper Eden Club and Rotarian John Taylor of the Appleby Club decided this unique opportunity was too good to miss and opted to take up the challenge. John’s family owned 1947 MGTC duly qualified as the oldest vehicle in the event and the car was painstakingly prepared for the 7-day ordeal.

The British leg of the rally started with a 2 day consolidation stage from Gatwick to Paris. 13 cars navigated the back roads of Sussex and Kent before crossing from Dover to Boulogne stopping the first night in Rouen. Here they were joined by the Dutch and Belgium starters and proceeded the following morning via the busy Paris suburbs to a spectacular finish in front of the Chateau at Fontainbleu.

At 7am the next day the rally started in earnest with time controls and regularity sections as well as navigations and map readings. By now cars from other Nations had joined the event and 48 vehicles charged their way South to Vichy via Sancere. It was soon discovered that the old MG was significantly underpowered against the Mini Coopers, Porsches and Mercedes that were typical entrants and hard driving was required to keep up with no time to take in the view. It also became apparent that the rally was dividing into two factions, the professional rally fanatics and those along for the wine. Being novices to the Rally World John and Roger, as true Rotarians, decided to have a foot in each camp and the next few days became very intense with over 10 hours of driving per day. The overnight stop at Nimes provided a few hours of rest and some time for fellowship with the Dutch teams before heading for the Alps via Avignon.

Here the going got even harder with many regularity sections at fixed speeds of up to 50 Km/hr. With the MG’s limited power maintaining position up the hills proved difficult however it was found that the time could be caught up on the down hill legs and two regularity sections were completed with only 7 second deviations, after up to 45 Km.

The final day started with a regularity section over the Col du Turini ( famous Monte Carlo stage). The extremely steep incline and countless hairpin bends meant that the car had to be driven at the limit with tyres howling on every corner and no time to consider the consequences of shooting over the big drops at the edge of the road. Accurate navigation and timekeeping over the stage was crucial and the hard work paid off with a fifth position finish at only 5 seconds off the pace. The Rally terminated with a Podium finale on the sea front in Menton followed by a Civic reception in the Town Hall and a Gala dinner high up in the Italian Alps. The event was considered a great success with over 14,000 Euros being raised to support less fortunate polio victims throughout the World.

The Rally was initiated not only to increase the public's awareness of Rotary International's Centenary but also to increase the awareness of Rotary International's PolioPlus program. For every £150 raised the organisers of the Rally were able to provide a wheelchair to polio victims. Upper Eden and Appleby Rotary Clubs each donated£150 to provide 2 wheel chairs. These sums were presented at the Gala Dinner in Monaco.

WA Developments sponsor Yomp

President Peter Cartmell and fellow Rotarians are shown receiving a sponsorship cheque from Managing Director Andrew Tinkler of WA Developments Ltd in March 2006. This money was to cover the main part of the Yomp setting up costs.

Hog Roast and Disco

To celebrate Rotary Club of Upper Eden's 25th Birthday Celebrations a Hog Roast and Disco was held on the 25th June 2005 at Flitholme Farm by kind permission of Fred and Judith Hayllar. Admission was free with everyone giving a donation of £10 to The Great North Air Ambulance Appeal and other charities supported by the Upper Eden Rotary Club.

Mallerstang Yomp

Weather conditions for the annual Yomp were the worst on record with cold, wet and very misty conditions.

Professor Frank’s Space Orange Project

On Tuesday 7th September 2005 at 7.00pm a group of Rotarians, clad in their best “bib & tucker”, gathered at the top of a pass leading into Swaledale. It was a very wet and windy evening and quite a struggle to stand upright on the exposed fell top location.

Two of the Rotarians opened the rear door of an SUV and began to assemble a series of parts which closely resembled a plastic drainage system. They propped the assembled unit onto a frame and angled the main pipe at some 35 to 40 degrees pointing up and across the open fells. When they had everything up and ready these “Operators” signalled and the rest of the party emerged from their vehicles huddled in anoraks or clutching their suit jackets tightly around their bodies.

Two stalwarts trekked off into the distance in the direction in which the pipe was pointing and after travelling about 350 yards (320 M in today’s parlance ) they stopped and moved about  20 yards apart.

Rotary Club Space Orange Project

The biggest of the two “Operators” then moved towards the contraption and taking an orange from his pocket, he proceeded to push it into the drain pipe and ram it home with a length of brushpole . The "second operator” then lifted a small black box attached by a length of wire to the contraption and pressed a button. There was a loud bang and a whooshing noise and a flame leapt from the end of the pipe. Those spectators who were standing directly behind the contraption witnessed the orange shooting across the sky towards the location of the two waiting Rotarian “Gatherers”. The Gatherers failed to spot the orange until it hit the ground and bounced along over the grass finally coming to rest not more that 10 yards from where they stood. The same procedure was repeated several times with minor adjustments to the contraption between reloads until the “Operators” indicated that they had gathered sufficient data to call a halt to the tests.

The two Gatherers returned clutching a handful of surprisingly still intact oranges which were carefully examined by the “Operators”. Everybody then returned to their vehicles and hastened away to the warmth and comfort of the Black Bull Inn and to their evening meal and Rotary Club Meeting.

During the “Fellowship” gathering at the bar, one of the Operators explained the workings of the contraption which he said used a mixture of air and butane gas, lit by a piezo crystal igniter such that the expanding burning gas mixture initially pressed the orange until it made a tight seal in the pipe and then forced it at high speed up and out of the pipe with sufficient force to send the orange away across the distant fells at a speed calculated to be close on 250 miles per hour. He went on to explain that the results from the evenings tests would be used in their forthcoming design for a unit that would propel an orange peel clad people carrier into space orbit . The orange peel would provide the necessary dappled surface that would ensure the unit left a distinct flame tail which observers could follow as the unit sped around the world. It was hoped to have the full sized unit ready for trials in December 2005 to ensure they were well ahead of Richard Branson as the first “private” space carriers. Evidently the only major obstacles now remaining are the procurement of sufficiently large plastic drainage system parts, the design of the system for bringing the unit safely down to earth undamaged and finding a volunteer space crew.

They intended to open a list for volunteers who would man the first Space Orange and also help them in the design of the recovery system. One onlooker asked how much gas would be needed for the blast off to which the second Operator replied “just two squirts”. One wag in the bar then retorted “you already have them”!!!

The Operators would like to open up the project to other Rotary Clubs and would be pleased to travel to their meetings to demonstrate the capabilities of Model 1AA at a cost of £150 per visit, funds raised going towards further development, or if any Club has it’s own design and would like to have a challenge evening the Operators would like to hear from them. The competition would be basically on the horizontal distance travelled and orange damage limitation measurements. Maximum orange size to be “Jaffa”. Any interested Club should contact the Space Officer of the Rotary Club of Upper Eden. It is hoped the first Space Shot will ready to go in time to mark the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International.

Cheese and Wine Evening

The Rotary Club of Upper Eden held a Cheese & Wine evening on Saturday 12th November 2005 in Soulby Village Hall. This Hall was renovated  just over a year ago and it provided an excellent setting for the Club’s annual event having all of the facilities required including a fabulous kitchen and plenty of space for the one hundred & twenty people who attended. A selection of cheeses, crackers and stuffed olives were supplied by The Packhorse Stores of Kirkby Stephen with a variety of wines and soft drinks supplied by One Stop Shop of Brough.

Cheese and Wine evening

Rotarians had arranged the rooms during the afternoon and their ladies brought along the savouries and set out the food table early in the evening. The table was arranged with the all cheeses clearly identified and guests were encouraged to sample a selection from the many types available. The photograph shows the main table being prepared.

Centre Parcs had donated two passes each entitling a holder plus five guests to spend a whole day in their holiday complex at Winfell . These were auctioned by Mr Stuart Bell of P F K Ltd and made a total of £140 for the Charity Fund. Rotary Club President Peter Cartmell arranged the draw for the prizes in the Christmas Raffle and he thanked the Co-op for their valuable assistance.

Prize winners were :-
1st  Prize  £100 voucher – Mrs R Miller
2nd Prize  £50   voucher – Mrs Johnstone
3rd Prizes 2 x £25 vouchers -  Mrs  Hayllar, Mrs Lonsdale

Proceeds from this raffle were donated to local organisations who provide Christmas parties and gifts to the elderly in our local Communities. The President & Members of Upper Eden Rotary Club thank all those who gave their support and helped to make this event such an outstanding success.