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Upper Eden Rotary Club in Africa

Mr Dumpy Helps To Dump Polio
Purple4Polio Rotary Grand Tour

This inspiring 4-day road trip across Great Britain and Ireland will run from 21st–24th May 2018. Participants will visit as many Rotary districts as is safely possible and raise money for the End Polio Now campaign. The Rotary Club of Upper Eden will participate in the form of a joint venture with Appleby Rotary Club. The clubs will be represented by the Murmansk 4, John Taylor and Alan McViety of Appleby and Arthur Littlefair and Roger Frank of Upper Eden.

A Note from Roger Frank, UERC Participant

Obviously a simple banger would not fit our past record which has always involved a transit. So a suitable old, timed out transit tipper truck has been acquired and work has just started in converting it to a suitable entry which will be called Mr Dumpy - the Ice Cream van was Mr Drippy. Our team name is Dumping Polio.

A Note from the Organisers

Take part in an event that you’re never going to forget and experience the legendary blend of fun and friendship that only Rotary can provide and raise funds for one of the most significant life-changing projects the world has ever seen.

Link to End Polio Now website

Link to Purple4Polio Grand Tour website

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Follow the Enterprise

From start to finish the text and pictures here tell the chronological story of the 'Mr Dumpy' project.

Late February 2018

Dumping Polio Team Photo
Left to right: John Taylor (Appleby), Arthur Littlefair (Upper Eden), Roger Frank (Upper Eden), Alan McViety (Appleby).

mr dumpy refurbishment

Roll top under construction.

mr dumpy refurbishment

Looking more like a pick-up again.

mr dumpy refurbishment

Early February 2018

De-rusting and painting the roof. Re-assembling the cab interior.

mr dumpy refurbishment

January 2018

Work on the cab involves de-rusting and interior cleaning.

mr dumpy cab refurbishment