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2017 diary of upper eden rotary club

The Year of President David Whitehead (2018-19)
Diary July 2018 - July 2019

August 3rd 2018. Comedy Night

Upper Eden club arranged a comedy night with amateur group “Comedy Showtime”. This the second time the group have come to Kirkby Stephen to perform and evening of various comedy sketches and musical interludes. There was a full house of club members, friends and family who had a thoroughly enjoyable evening which was followed by the raffle draw with one of the group doing their best to put the winners at ease in a thoroughly entertaining fashion!!! All the money raised from the event is to be shared between the North Cumbria Prostate Cancer Group and Breast Cancer UK.

rotary comedy night rotary comedy night rotary comedy night

July 29th 2018. Westmorland Dales Day in Kirkby Stephen

The annual Westmorland Dales Day took place in the market square and various other locations in Kirkby Stephen. Rotarians from Upper Eden and Appleby clubs exhibited some of their beloved cars and Upper Eden members helped steward the event and give guidance to visitors.

westmorland dales day 2018

July 10th 2018. Club Visit to Piper Hole Farm

The visit this evening was to a local farm where they breed and rear goats. The farm is run by husband and wife team Ruth and Frank Hunter, along with their daughters Emma and Georgina. Apart from selling the goats milk, they also make goats milk soap which they sell from the farm plus local agricultural shows and famers markets. Recently, they have also started to sell meat from the goats. Dave Prince introduced Frank and he then gave an overview of the history of the farm and also how they manage the local environment. Frank then took everyone on a tour of the flower meadows which were in their prime. Everyone then enjoyed a lovely buffet supper. Dave Prince gave the vote of thanks and a lovely evening was enjoyed by all.

Piper Hall Farm

July 4th 2018. Clay Pigeon Shoot

Rotarians Lawrence Cowin and Ivor Allonby organised the annual clay pigeon shoot at Soulby. Fortunately, the weather was warm and dry this year with a good turnout of “crack shots” taking part in the event. After the shoot, a meal was served by members of” Hospice at Home, Carlisle and North Lakes”. All proceeds from the event went to Hospice at Home.

June 29th 2018. Change Over Night

Change over night this year took place at the “Inn at Brough”. Club members and partners enjoyed an excellent meal before the main event of the evening. Richard Todd relinquished his role as Club President and handed over to David Whitehead and Tony Taylor took over a President Elect. Flowers were presented to Judith Todd. An enjoyable evening shared by everyone present.

Rotary Go Karting Newcastle